What tips can you provide to sellers heading toward summer?

Presenting your home has never been so important, spaces need to be immediately appealing as first impressions count. Buyers will routinely make a list of the things that need work and inevitably add to their costs…. these items may be factored into offers they make and used to try and reduce the price of your home. The more you can make your home seem like a ‘move in and put your bags down’ proposal, or perfect blank canvas the more buyers will pay as it helps them form an emotional attachment to your property which, in turn, can positively influence their perception of the price.

Why has styling become so popular?

Styling helps to captivate the right buyer by evoking an emotional response to a home and therefore enhancing the property’s perceived value. Styling helps a buyer understand how the space can be used. Every room can really ‘shine’ with a clever styling arrangement. Often, we have buyers wanting to purchase all the furniture that goes with the home, proving presentation and selling ‘the dream’ works!

Why sell in Summer ‘18/19?

Naturally, the warmer weather enables us to better showcase indoor/outdoor spaces, alfresco areas which evoke happy times, where BBQ’s and pools sparkle. Most gardens are in bloom, visually helping to bring the outdoors in; enhancing the colour throughout the home. With the festive season pending, emotions play a large part as Christmas (perceived as a major “bookend”) is a time for celebrations with family; purchasers imagine this time in their new home. Another positive for the Northern Beaches is that buyers typically outnumber sellers in summer creating competition and forcing prices up!

Why is now a fantastic time to buy?

Regardless of the media’s sensationalised commentary on the transitioning market, The Northern Beaches remains a wonderful place to call home and consistently outperforms other areas of Sydney. So, provided you aren’t looking to “flip” the property quickly, our advice is not to miss out on a home that is perfect for you simply because you are looking for a bargain. Well-presented homes on the beaches in a good location are still well contested and it is those homes that will achieve exceptional growth when we experience the next boom.