See What C&H can bring to your New Year!

It’s hard not to notice the market is shifting and it takes hard work in dynamic conditions like these. We like to think we’re agents with our feet on the ground and an open mind.

A market in transition can be a real challenge for the ‘inexperienced’ and that is where Clarke & Humel really shine.

Due to the support of local homeowners we’ve established ourselves as the front runner on the Northern Beaches, with several billion dollars in property sold and seven years of consecutive growth and success.

Every year we’ve become more focused and more dedicated to treating each property individually. What we are sure of is that this is a strategy that really works.

By carefully tailoring our approach to each client and their specific needs, it means we’re able to target the right people with the right message. We’re able to deliver this level of detail because of the unique skill our team brings to each sale.

This is so much more than just a sales business, where my background in architecture and Michael’s advertising expertise have created a qualified culture that’s open minded, flexible and creative. In a shifting market, these skill sets make all the difference to a successful sale.

If you are considering an Agent for 2019, we’d love to assist you in realising the full potential of your home.