Renovate and Stay!

Whether your home is looking tired since its 1980’s revamp, is an original postwar bungalow or simply has a poor layout; your best option could be to renovate and stay.

However, there are aspects to consider:

1. Do not undertake a partial renovation as it’s unlikely you’ll recoup your money: buyers tend to pay a premium for fully renovated homes or a completely unrenovated blank canvas where they can create their own dream home.
2. When renovating, ensure your home is not so specific that the design significantly reduces the target market.
3. Renovation takes time, so emotionally prepare for the added time and strain the works can have on your daily life.
4. Budget for unforeseeable costs - add 20% more and ensure a fixed price from your trades or builder.
5. Finally, if the concept plans, aspect, outlook or orientation still don’t deliver what you are looking for even after the proposed upgrade; then it’s time to move.

For a better understanding of your home’s value, unlocking its potential or your likely change over costs, we welcome your call.