Ready or not, 2019 is practically upon us. Some people enter the new year with small resolutions while others have big plans. One of the big plans you may be considering is making a move…

So, do you buy before you sell or sell first? Whichever you choose, preparing your home for sale is unavoidable and typically requires a fair amount of advance planning.

It’s time to use the holiday period to make a list! Homeowners preparing to sell often face a long list of minor tasks and non-urgent repairs that they have been meaning to address over the years and now is the time to plan ahead to avoid overwhelm when you choose to move.

The project plan should include: REPAIR, TRADE, CONTACT, QUOTE & DATE covering all the items to tackle before you get serious about selling. Given tradespeople are usually booked already either side of Christmas, it’s worthwhile securing a time with them for the New Year.

It’s a smart idea to invite your agent in now to help prepare a list and make you aware of what is required as they are always a fresh set of eyes and can often help with this process.

If you find the perfect property in 2019, you’ll eliminate the stress by having addressed the presentation of your home and you may be able to capitalise on an off-market sale, allowing for a smooth transition.