Finding the right real estate agents for you:

Researching potential Australian property agents is essential when choosing a real estate agent to market and sell your own home. There are many different real estate agencies to choose from. Ensure you compare a few to get an insight into how they work.

To begin the search process for your chosen Northern Beaches real estate agency you would start with personal recommendations and Google searches. A further important step to research your shortlisted agents is at open home inspections at other local properties on the market.

You don’t have to choose open homes of properties that are similar to yours, just use the opportunity to see how other Northern Beaches real estate agents present an open house and interact with potential buyers.

It is good to observe and review how the real estate agent acts in your opinion and if it sits with how you would like them to represent your home, such as: did they or their Sales Associate stand at the door and welcome everyone? Did they identify and point out the features of the property? Were they able to answer all your questions about the property...therefore had they researched the home and been well prepared to sell the home before the open for inspection? Did they follow up with you later to further gauge your interest in the property?

To guarantee a smooth and successful sales process, you’ll need to find a trusted, reliable and professional real estate agent to help you through the sale of your home from start to finish.

The Northern Beaches real estate agent you choose is going to represent you and your property. It’s important that the real estate agent you choose knows comparable properties currently on the market for sale, other properties that have recently sold in the area and that they show enthusiasm, experience, and skill in their field. They should be able to give you a snapshot of the market in your surrounding area and should have local knowledge about schools, transport, demographics and the sorts of buyers looking for homes in the area.

There are numerous services and duties that good real estate agents on the Northern Beaches perform to help an owner sell their house, from the method of sale to the presentation and styling of their property, marketing strategy, pricing, most appropriate open for inspection times for your property and when to launch your home on the market.

A good real estate agent will cover all those 1% extras that add to delivering you a successful sale of your home at the best possible price, in the best possible time.

Things to look out for when looking at Real Estate on the Northern Beaches:

Finding the right real estate on the Northern Beaches is individual and everyone has their own personal needs when it comes to real estate, however, before you embark on the adventure of finding a perfect property, simplify the process by doing some research and establishing exactly what you want (and need) from your new home.

You will need to consider the following aspects of the Northern Beaches to choose where you will ultimately end up buying: Choose your location carefully, consider the proximity to public transport, ensure it is within reasonable reach to surrounding amenities, for investment properties consider supply and demand already in the area, research and understand the area first and what it has to offer and its demographics, again if it is an investment consider its return opportunities, does the home offer potential without overcapitalizing and what is the neighbourhood like.

There are often some quite evident examples of particularly strong areas to consider purchasing in at certain times, for example currently in Northern Beaches real estate: A masterplan to turn Brookvale into a vibrant precinct has begun, which has introduced bars, cafes, and restaurants as well as more residential opportunities to the area. Adding to the infrastructure is the B-line bus network connecting residents to the city, the recently opened Northern Beaches Hospital and the planned Beaches Link. The Northern Beaches has often been viewed as a fickle market, but for the here and now it is in demand – and becoming more popular.

The best time to buy on the Northern Beaches:

Property on the Northern Beaches is generally always in high demand and the area is considered one of the most desirable places in Sydney to live. The Northern Beaches offers an attractive lifestyle with proximity to beaches, parks and a quick commute to the CBD.

Property on the Northern Beaches can reach very high prices and the market is generally always competitive. When buying real estate on the Northern Beaches keep a very close eye on when properties first hit the market in order to act quickly and avoid overpaying with competition.

However, there can be some peak selling periods in the Northern beaches real estate market and vendors are generally motivated to sell in the new year. They usually have a deadline of trying to sell before the end of the school holidays, especially if their property has been on the market for a while and they have their eye on something new to move their family into, to start the year afresh.

Then there is a new cycle immediately after Easter and intensifying into the end of the financial year and then traditionally the last cycle comes in the last quarter; October through to December where transaction numbers generally spike higher than any other time of the year…and then the cycle begins again.