A client once exclaimed “They’re not building any more beaches, so we’ll always be right” and over the longer term, that has proven to be a great truism! The Northern Beaches are the finest in Sydney and offer families a lifestyle that is second-to-none. With new improved infrastructure that includes the Northern Beaches Hospital, B-line city bus service, and impending tunnel, demand will further increase and prices in the region will continue to outperform the rest of Sydney.

During a year of change in real estate, C&H have moved with it, embraced the transition and evolved. We have effective strategies in place that we have used at different stages over the past 15 years to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible service and advice.

And for the buyer, there is no time like the present to invest, while others are paralyzed through fear of market downturn, opportunities continue to arise in abundance and if your plan is more long term, jump on and ride the next wave.

Here in 2019, we believe we’ll have a more level playing field for buying and selling and more stability in both pricing and activity than last year. As ever, if we may be of any assistance with your buying, selling or property management needs, we would be delighted to help!